Vista Print Ideas

I have been using Vistaprint for years! It is a great place to make cute personalized items for yourself, your class, or even a gift!  They have everything from business cards to t-shirts.  Here are just a few of the newer items I have made and purchased.

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This is a banner I will hang off the front of my desk
A car magnet that I made to keep over my no name papers that I put on the white board to claim
business card to hand out as a reward
This is an oversized postcard that I will use as a punch card when students turn in homework on time
a brochure I made to hand out on meet the teacher night
Poster to put over my sign in/out of the classroom binder
Just purchased the sign (not the holder) to put on door when we are testing
address label I made into a sticker (140 come in a pack)
a stamp+
business card for a prize

A rack card to be sent home as reminder of conference
A rack card to use a book mark
coffee mug for coffee :)
Business card to be used as homework pass
business card to be used as an actual business card :)

I have made many more products including business cards for myself, happy birthday cards and banners, a calendar and much much more. Like I said, I've been using them for years and never once had a problem except buying way to many cute personalized things :)

The Apple Basket Teacher  is having a linky party where tons of other teachers have added their links to share their Vistaprint ideas.  Besides having all these links THE APPLE BASKET TEACHER has a wealth of information on her blog!


  1. I am a new follower thanks to the TBTS secret room! I pinned some of your stuff too. I did try to email you for a referral & it wasn't working. My email is
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  2. Hi Mel D! I just sent you an email. :) Hopefully it will work for you. But be warned its addicting! LOL!

  3. I just got my Vista Print order today. I can't see all your images, but what I can see is cuter than mine. I will have to put yours into my next time file.

  4. Oh no, all the images are showing up for me. If there is anything you want to see I would be glad to send you a pic. I am so addicted to creating stuff on vistaprint. It's so much fun!
    Thanks for the compliment :)

  5. Love those ideas. I have used VistaPrint before and their stuff is definitely quality material. Now to think of what I can incorporate into MY classroom.


  6. So cute. Love the teacher banner and punch cards. I also like the brochure. Do you have a copy you can email me? I'm interested in seeing what information you included on the brochure.


  7. Hi Shannon!
    Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the brochure since I made it directly on the Vistaprint site. I took the pic right off my order. I will still email you the pic though just incase you case see the info better through an email.
    Thanks for the compliment!

  8. I ordered FREE postcards this year with a welcome to 2nd grade letter from myself and my assistant. I plan to mail these out the first week of school :) I only paid for shipping and I got 100 cards!

  9. I didn't know you could get a referral link for Vistaprints! That is good to know! I am gonna steal your idea and make a Vistaprints page for my blog. I wish the other pictures would show up. I really like the fact that if I wait I can get almost anything for free and only pay the shipping costs.

    To get better pictures of the things from VistaPrints you order, I go to my account print screen the item then edit it in paint and save as a jpg. Works great!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  10. Great! I’ve been using VistaPrint when I worked as a graphic designer. We used to print banners and large format printing. Thanks for sharing this information.

  11. Love the stamps! Thanks for sharing about vista print.

  12. I love Vistaprint have used it for a couple of years! Once you order a couple of times you get great e-mails with great deals. I love your teacher use suggestions. thanks..Click Here

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  14. These are wonderful ideas! I love the creativity here. :)

  15. would you mind sharing the info you put on your parent brochure for teacher night? I have been out of teaching for a few years and am trying to prepare for a "hopeful" position at the last minute. Any info you can share would be great! I am LOVING your website. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  16. I would love to start using Vista Print. I'm new at doing this so I might be having more questions for you. I'm hoping this will save on the all the ink I've been using...thanks Pinterest!! My email is:

    Thanks again!