Best 4th Grade Board Games

kids playing board game
Board games can be a great educational tool

There are a lot of choices when it comes to board games. One walk down the board game aisle of your local department store and you can quickly become overwhelmed. Trying to narrow that down even further to the specific age range of 4th graders and you can be left scratching your head wondering what to buy. Have no fear, we have taken the guess work out of it and are supplying you with the best 4th grade board games on the market.

A simple Google search of ‘best board games for 4th graders” gives you multiple sites with answers to your search. Each site will provide different insight, but some games seem to appear on every site I visited. I love the feedback that came from The games that they list are some classics as well as newer titles. They also break it down to the best educational games as well. Cranium Cadoo, What’s Gru (one of the newest games on the market), Uno, Blokus, Bananagrams, Checkers and Chess all made their list of best for this age group. Checkers, Chess and Uno are games you have all probably heard of in the past. If the kids are a little more advanced, they could try the deckbuilding game Dominion. They are classics that will never go out of style. Cranium Cadoo, Blokus and Bananagrams have all been around for a while and are steadily becoming household favorites.

Another great site to find the top 4th grade board games is at This is a great site for all things relating to teachers. On this site you will find an amazing forum with feedback from teachers and parents alike, ranking the best board games for this age bracket. The titles listed with this forum include; Scrabble, UpWords, Connect 4, Chess, Jenga, Mancala, Apples to Apples, Battleship, Boggle and Muggins. You can see similarities in both listings, but also some new and different board games listed in the second site.

Many of the games listed, such as Checkers, Chess, Scrabble, UpWords, Connect 4, Jenga, Battleship and Boggle can all be played with as few as 2 players. These make it easy for a quick game between friends or classmates without having to worry about having a large amount of players. The remaining games all require more than 2 players, but are still great games as long as you have the amount of players needed.

All of the games we have talked about can be found in most department or toy stores or could be easily ordered online at a multitude of websites.

There are plenty of other board games on the market that are designed for 4th graders, but I kept it to some of the top and most widely knows games. The great thing about the toy market is that there are always new and different board games being introduced throughout the year, so the options will always be changing and growing and they will be offering new and exciting games to try all the time!

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